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Unexpected Journeys | A friend diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

In high school, Annie and I were good friends. Always likable, she possessed a quick sense of humor, a zest for life and a talent for dance.  It is hard to believe that today she is a wife and mother of a second grader dealing with the degenerative disease, Multiple Sclerosis.

In college, Annie’s symptoms initially were mild.  She complained of vision changes and infrequent episodes of falling.  As a graduate student in Communication Disorders and Sciences, I thought about her often more than I’m guessing she even knew.  Every textbook I read or patient I saw with MS was a reminder of what my brave friend was facing and how truly inspiring she was to me. I neglected to mention one of Annie’s greatest strengths: Her fighting spirit.

About four years ago, Annie found herself in the hospital after some setbacks.  Unexpected seizures had left her weak. Her gait was unsteady and medications were causing her to have tremors in her hand. This affected her ability to swallow and feed herself. It was a vicious cycle. At one point, she was on a restricted diet in the rehabilitation unit and understandably became discouraged. As a friend and a speech pathologist I wanted to do something. More importantly, I wanted to provide my friend with dignity and joy by doing that through food. This and many similar stories were the genesis of the EAT Bar.

The EAT bars were created for easy hold and self-feeding.  Please see Annie enjoying our snack below:

Annie, we are glad that you think they are very good.  We made them for you.  Enjoy!!  XOXO