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A Snack of Inclusion: Something everyone can enjoy

When I started brainstorming ideas for my patients, I continually returned to the idea of a wafer.  I wanted something solid with a crunch that would quickly melt.  There was even a time when I spent hours in my own kitchen trying to mix the perfect ingredients to obtain my desired goal of a food that was high calorie and melt away.  I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful to create something that a child or adult could eat in public even if they were on a restricted diet without feeling self-conscious or excluded.

I’m continually amazed at how the company has organically grown.  I remember the moment early on when I began to think that maybe we had something.  My own children started randomly asking for “mommy’s snacks” and were fighting over flavors.  There was another time when I had an extra sample in my purse at my daughter’s dance class.  She was hungry and asked for something to eat and so I gave her a strawberry bar.  All of a sudden, other child started running up and asking if they could have one too. At a party, I handed out a couple to my friend’s kids to try and couldn’t believe when they asked if I had more for them to take home.  (Don’t worry Harper and Alex I will always have samples for you).

Recently, I heard from a daughter of a women who had a stroke.  She said that her mother had eaten a chocolate EAT Bar and that she really enjoyed it.  After explaining its impact on her mom, she added “my dad thought they were really tasty too”. I am sure she didn’t realize the significance of her Dad’s response was as well. 

I will end with the original premise of inclusion. These stories validate what we have always strived for; a snack for everyone to enjoy regardless of their disorder or disease. 

It really is a gift that keeps giving.