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A Special Thank You to Clinical Therapists

Who chooses to become a therapist? 

I think generally they are individuals who demonstrate an inherent sense of patience and treat others with unconditional kindness and respect. Focused on the well-being of their patients, they are highly motivated to investigate the latest products/practices available and determine if any will be beneficial to those they are treating.  Every patient and/or family member challenges a therapist to push the boundaries and provide the best treatment possible.  

I have been extremely encouraged by the level of support I have received from therapists with the launch of our EAT snack product.  Whether a speech language pathologist, an occupational therapist, or a dietician, just to name a few, I have experienced a willingness on their part to try our product and provide honest and constructive feedback.  Their willingness to share patient stories (children and adults) where they have recorded successful trials with the EAT snack has been validating both personally and companywide.

The EAT Bar wants to express our appreciation and say thank you to all of the clinicians who have trialed our product by sharing it with patients and families.  Your commitment to finding and increasing options for your patients supports exactly what we strive to do!