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The EAT Bar | A snack for individuals with Alzheimer's

Anthem Memory Care Results

In late 2017, Nutraphagia completed its first EAT Bar trial with Anthem Memory Care which is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Anthem deployed all flavors of EAT Bars to six of the twelve facilities in the western United States.

The operative questions posed to the program managers at each facility were as follows: Was the taste appealing in all four flavors tested? Was the snack easy to distribute and handle? Did the product melt quickly and require limited chewing? Was there any difference in response to the product among the Residents?

After a 3-week trial, the findings were nothing short of magnificent. Key results centered on taste, mobility and function.

Taste: All four flavors were enjoyed. Residents viewed the snack as a treat, something from their childhood, and many even asked for seconds.

Mobility: Whether being distributed on a cart, hand-picked or given on a small plate, Residents thought the snack was easy to handle, hold and a favorable finger food option.

Function: The consensus among the Residents was that the snack involved limited chewing and melted adequately. Furthermore, all the residents regardless of their cognitive impairment took pleasure in eating the snack.

Best of all, our product was enjoyed by all residents who were able to tolerate the snack and share in a dining experience that promoted inclusion and fun!