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The EAT Bar Story

So grateful have our story and mission to bring joy and dignity through food featured by the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders! 

We've included an excerpt here but encourage you to read the full story here:

Clinicians at top pediatric feeding clinics around the country have endorsed EAT Bar and echoed the same sentiment we’ve heard from adults: patients and their families are desperate for quality products.

As a clinician first and foremost, these are the people who drive me.

It’s the daughter telling me how her mother, who recently had a stroke, had been so disappointed she couldn’t eat a cookie made for her, then beyond thrilled when she was able to enjoy our EAT Bar.

It’s the young boy at a pediatric feeding clinic whose speech pathologist told us our snack was the first solid bolus her patient had ever been able to tolerate.

It’s the mother who discovered that her 12-year-old daughter with cystic fibrosis who is g-tube dependent and has limited appetite loves the snack.

It’s the daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient being overcome with gratitude as she watched her mother enjoy the snack—and then ask for more.

These stories are the heart of what we do at EAT Bar -- bring dignity and joy through food, regardless of disorder or disease. For me, it’s a vision years in the making. For patients and their loved ones, it’s exactly what I hoped it would be: a better way.