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Feeding the Anorectic Client: Comfort Foods and Happy Hour

I am very passionate about what I do. Ever since high school, I knew that I was going to be a Speech Language Pathologist thanks to Paulette Wood MS ccc-slp.  She was a family friend in the profession who had invited me to observe her at the hospital and one day, a former patient returned with flowers, thanking her for helping her eat again. 

Six months prior, that patient had a massive stroke which left her dependent on a feeding tube.  With the help of diet modification, therapy, and the insight from Paulette she was now able to eat. That is when I realized the power of food; when someone has dysphagia or difficulty swallowing it can be devastating to the patient themselves and their caregivers.

Thank you, Paulette.  I am who I am because of you.

See Paulette’s published article on Comfort Food, the key philosophy in the development of the EAT Bar

 Paulette Wood MS ccc-slp Product Collaborator 

Paulette Wood, our product collaborator and highly respected Speech Language Pathologist, has an extensive history of developing innovative programs in dysphagia, including the first multi-disciplinary dysphagia treatment team in Iowa. Paulette has presented numerous seminars, key note speeches, and formal addresses for various service organizations, professional bodies, and community groups.  She edited Dysphagia Management Program, a multi-disciplinary application and wrote a monthly column for the Stroke Club Newsletter. In addition, she was a commissioned writer for Menu Magic Foods and Mead Johnson.  Her publications include: co-authoring Dining Skills: Practical Interventions for the Caregivers of the Eating Disabled Older Adults, published by Consulting Dieticians in Health Care Facilities, a practice group of the American Dietetics Association, and Funded by the Retirement Research Foundation.