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Finger Foods Have Considerable Value for Alzheimer’s Patients

Families and caregivers will often observe that a family member with Alzheimer's is trying to eat applesauce with a fork or hotdogs with a spoon, even beverages with a piece of silverware. Food is spilled rather than swallowed, and loved ones often abandon a failed meal. 

Researchers have determined that “finger foods that are specifically designed for people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease could help those suffering with the condition to eat more and improve their nutritional status”.

Studies have shown that seven out of 10 dementia patients improve their food intake and gained weight when they don’t have to use silverware. Just consider the benefits of allowing adults to feed themselves by reducing combative behaviors with the caregiver and cultivating independence. 

You might initiate just one “finger food only” meal a day to evaluate if it is helpful to you. Here are some finger foods to consider (pick and choose respecting food preferences):

  • French Toast cut into bite size squares
  • Silver dollar pancakes with a little jam
  • Waffle with cream cheese and jam
  • Graham Crackers
  • Cheese cubes
  • Cooked carrot coins and vegetable strips steamed to slightly soften textures
  • Small meatballs, sliced turkey, pieces of meatloaf
  • Slices of bananas, pieces of fresh peaches, tangerine sections
  • Pieces of boiled eggs
  • Finger Jell-O
  • Pieces of angel food cake
  • Pieces of muffin
  • A strawberry or chocolate EAT Bar

Always speak to your health care professionals about appropriate foods for you or your family members.  

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