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“Firsts” For This Entrepreneur

When I first began my journey as an entrepreneur, I really had no idea where this leap of faith would take me.  As a clinician, I witnessed first-hand the daily struggles of my patients and their caregivers dealing with the basic tasks of swallowing and eating.  I knew I wanted to do more to help them with their struggles but how that would eventually become reality was at first an unknown.

There were many “firsts” in my journey in addition to the ones I already mentioned. Just putting into words, the ideas that had been floating around in my head and talking about them out loud was a huge first.  Then there was the patent submission.  The first EAT Bar actually being professionally package. Not to mention flying to Touché Bakery in Toronto for the first time to witness the assembly line production!  Perhaps some of you reading this can identify with my firsts as they are a variation of your own. 

However, the firsts that continue to keep me motivated are stories that clinicians, caregivers and friends share with me about the product.  Just yesterday I received a message from a friend that made my day. She shared that recently her mother was visiting some friends and they discovered that a mutual friend had recently purchased a large pack of the Dark Chocolate EAT Bar for her father who had a tumor in his sinuses years ago and due to radiation had reduced saliva production.  He’s able to enjoy the snacks with milk.  This was the first time I have personally heard indirectly of someone benefiting from the snack.

I look forward to future firsts with EAT Bar as we work to support our clients and their families!