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#IWD 2019: The Women Behind the EAT Bar

This week we celebrate International Women’s Day, March 8, a day dedicated celebrating women and their role as a positive force for good in the world. This year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter. As a women run company we certainly strive (and sometimes struggle) every day to bring balance in our work to do better and be better.

A Typical Day

I know each of us at some time has been asked to share examples of what we consider our “typical day”. My typical day has changed dramatically since I launched the EAT Bar, acquired two dynamic partners and began working out of my home.

Every Monday morning like clockwork, I check in with my partners for our weekly phone meeting.  9:15 am may seem like an odd hour, but not to three moms with young children. We’ve decided this time is perfect as it allows us enough time to drop our kids off at school and be back home ready to tackle our projects.  Together we work on accommodating what I call “mom’s schedule”.  Our projects take into consideration must attend sporting events, school field trips, doctor’s appointments and holiday vacations. If one of us has a sick child and can’t make a scheduled meeting/event, there is empathy and not frustration from the team.   

We try and exchange emails in the evening or on Sunday nights after our kids are in bed.  However, at any given time or on any call, it is not surprising to hear children in the background. Our controlled chaos is thoughtful and purposeful and, in my opinion, has provided a positive influence in the development of our company.

Our Story

I frequently use the words “fate” and “destiny” when describing how our start-up was formed. It was not unlike putting a puzzle together with singular and distinct shapes each fitting perfectly together into one design. 

 I am a speech language pathologist with a clinical background.  My education and previous work served as a springboard for innovative thinking. I found that daily I was trying to problem solve with patients, residents and their caregivers around difficult issues related to communicating, eating and swallowing wondering what more I could do.

One of the first people with whom I shared my brainchild, the EAT Bar, was my sister-in-law.  For a number of years, she worked as a pharmaceutical sales manager and was very familiar with the medical field.  Thanks to her encouragement and expertise, we moved forward with developing our quick melt, easy calorie, delicious treat. 

Recently my cousin, whose background is in business innovation and customer experience transformation joined our team.  She recognized the potential of the product and the positive affect it could have in the lives of those struggling with eating and swallowing issues. She immediately began to refine our mission and thoughtfully develop a brand to follow suit.

Every decision that is made by our company is examined through the eyes of a mother, daughter, wife and sister.  We try to always be mindful of our consumers and the struggles they face. We think about a stressed mother whose child will not eat although she has tried everything or maybe a son who is visiting his mother in a nursing home and observes that she only picks at her food or the wife whose spouse just recently suffered a stroke and is at a loss for what foods he can safely tolerate.

In our marketing, we aspire to represent joy and compassion that comes from the heart. We focus on the belief that a person is not defined by a disorder or disease, that finding the joy in life is fundamentally important and we all enjoy sharing a little treat whether we are young or old.

A Balancing Act

Sometimes we’re asked how we maintain a balance between motherhood and owning/managing a business. The answer often depends on the day. What makes it even possible is the support we receive from each other and our families as well as the stories our customers and their families share about how we are bringing joy into their lives.

We celebrate all the women around the world who join us in bringing #BalanceforBetter to their families, lives, communities and work. #IWD2019

Tia Bagan MS ccc-slp, Cristine Slinde and Jayne Dow, own and manage Nutraphagia, a health and wellness company whose main mission is to bring joy, delight and care to everyone’s everyday with their signature treat, the EAT Bar.  Learn more about their product and their mission at