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Free shipping for purchases over $40 in the U.S. only.

Pleasure Feeds and Comfort Foods


When we developed the EAT snack by Nutraphagia, one of our goals was to create a product which could be used for pleasure/comfort feeding.   We had the good fortune to meet with a healthcare leader who understood our mission.  She saw the potential for the product in long-term care facilities, and suggested that our EAT snack could be enjoyed by those in hospice care as well.  That meeting further validated one of our product objectives.


After that encounter, I began researching articles on the pleasure diet and feeding those who are under hospice care.  I came upon an article titled “This is How You Feed a Dying Person” by nationally renowned palliative care expert and author Susan R Dolan RN, JD.  I was instantly struck by her views on feeding others at the end of life.  Susan states “after months of eating mushy, unidentifiable meals, a favorite food can seem like heavenly manna.  Sometimes, at the request of a patient or family member, a doctor will order pleasures feeds to indulge a person’s special request, even if they have been on a strict special diet or are NPO, because the purpose of food at this time is enjoyment, not proper nutrition.” (Dolan, 2015) I thought about how the dark chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry and lemon dissolvable merengue snacks could provide enjoyment in someone’s life and how maybe this was a product that could be used with this population of patients.


I reached out to Susan and she agreed to trial some of our samples.  I was overjoyed with the positive feedback, as she thought EAT snack was a wonderful tool for pleasure feeds in hospice She has since shared samples with her network of hospice professionals around the country.   


Thank you, Susan, for your support! It means a lot to me.


Please see her impressive resume below: