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The EAT Bar: Stroke patient enjoys a cookie again!

It was a couple months ago when a daughter of a women who recently had a stroke sent me this video. 

It was late in the evening. It had been a particularly stressful day as our team was diligently working on launching our EAT snack. As I looked at my messy house, my husband, kids and my dog, I thought maybe I was delusional to think that I could build a startup. At that moment, I opened up my computer to check messages and push play on a video that was truly amazing.

Our mission to bring dignity, joy and love was demonstrated by this beautiful woman and her daughter. This video was what Nutraphagia was all about.

I quickly forwarded it to my team.  In an instant these men, who had spent years of their life in the corporate world, started to understand what we were actually trying to create and how it could impact those with dysphagia and related disorders.

I failed to mention the most amazing part of the video was that the women in the video was unable tolerate a cookie earlier that day and became very discouraged. That feeling of disappointment and exclusion changed when she was able to enjoy our EAT snack. 

SLP Analysis of Stroke Patient Consuming EAT snack: The client knew the snack was melting in her mouth and a few seconds later she spontaneously swallowed it.  No drooling was noted even though she blotted her lips with the napkin.  She appeared happy with the experience and thought it was delicious.  The product facilitated oral intake.  Watching this patient consuming the EAT snack was exciting, inspiring and cause for celebration.