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The EAT Bar: What is in a name?

There were many factors that came into play when we started talking about a company name. Our common goal was to create innovative products that focused not only on dysphagia but also nutrition. Nutra derived from the word Nutrition “to provide nourishment” and Phagia a Greek word that means “to eat” beautifully combined to create our company name, Nutraphagia.

As we started development of our first product, we kept coming back to the same concept of using the informative or directive word EAT.  It seemed to resonate with everyone.

Through many years of clinical practice, I focused on providing evidenced based therapy for my patients. Whether it be from deficits following a stroke, TBI or because of early onset dementia, research shows the importance of therapists focusing on targeted speech and language goals. Successful intervention often focuses on maximizing a person’s strengths, encouraging patient participation and incorporating strategies for new learning.  Improving contextual factors that serve as barriers, enhancing successful communication and improving participation by accommodating needs with large print, pictures and friendly formatted written materials (e.g. Rose, Worrall & Mckenna, 2003; Rose Worrall, Kickson and Hoffman, 2011) often improve patient outcomes.

By clearly stating one word “EAT” on our snack bar packaging we attempt to direct patients as to what they should be doing.  This concept may be seen in memory care units where they use large “STOP” signs to deter residents from dangerous wandering.  Even when residents are cognitively impaired they still may have a level of recognition to basic words and symbols.  This can also be observed in persons following a stroke who demonstrates aphasia but can still expressively and receptively understand the basic word EAT. 

For most people, there is a feeling of pleasure that comes with seeing the word EAT. Our goal at Nutraphagia is to positively encourage this feeling with our EAT Bar!