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The Power of a Common Purpose

The time our team spent at the International Alzheimer’s Association Conference in Chicago this past week proved very rewarding.  Throughout each day, a buzz filled the conference center and exhibit hallswith energy. Interaction with researchers, physicians, therapists, other entrepreneurs and product vendors all focusing on Alzheimer’s with the common purpose of eradicating this disease in our life time was extremely stimulating.  


I had an opportunity to meet with other vendors: Bee Yourself Apparel, specifically designed clothes to promote independence; DysphagiAide,a high-quality liquid thickener and others who conduct research and supply all of us with critical data. As we exchanged knowledge about our products and services we were able to better understand how many people are focusing on a common goal, to help patients and their ever-burdened caregivers.


Personally, I was overwhelmed with the amount of support for Nutraphagia and our EAT snacks.  It was validating to have people share their thoughts how this product could help patients they treat and/or residents they serve. Comments like “this is really smart” “you will help a lot of people” “the product taste delicious and melts quickly” “I wish you had this around when my parents were alive” were common.


We at Nutraphagia want to thank you for all of the feedback that we received this week. Your support, for us as we strive to bring dignity and joy to people with our EAT snacks including those who are affected by Alzheimer’s Disease or related cognitive dementias.