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Using Lemon for Decreased Taste and Oral Sensation

When we started discussing flavors for the EAT Snacks, our product collaborator Paulette Wood M.S. ccc-slp suggested using lemon.  Upon further review, I realize that her idea was really smart and creative.  There may be many reasons that a speech language pathologist may see patients who have reduced taste due to treatments or medications.  Our profession has found that in some cases presenting our patients with a sour bolus may help with oral sensation and improve time of the pharyngeal triggering of the swallow. 

The taste of lemon may be refreshing and provide a natural salivary stimulant.  This may be helpful for people who suffer from xerostomia or dry mouth.  Overall, we have found across the generations that many people like the taste of lemon as it reminds them of their childhood and pleasant experiences. 

Try our EAT Bar lemon meringue snacks and let us know what you think!