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Why EAT Bar?

Why a snack? Why a treat? Why EAT Bar? These are questions I explored in my research during product development.  My ultimate goal was to creatively address a problem that I observed being faced by hundreds of patients and caregivers. How to get someone to eat and do it in a way that preserves dignity and provides pleasure.   

Why a snack?  I found in my experience with patients, regardless of whether in-patient or out-patient, they frequently found themselves between appointments or treatments and looking for something quick and satisfying to munch between meals. Many of the traditional snacks were not suitable because they required too much chewing/mastication or a caregiver to feed them as the patient was unable to hold a spoon to self-feed. Family members frequently became overwhelmed as I discussed the need to consistently blend or stir their loved one’s food. This assignment registered as one more thing on a long list of tasks they were required to preform.

Why a treat? Multiple times a day I would walk into a patient’s room and see an entire tray of food virtually untouched.  I witnessed distraught caregivers desperately try and offer various foods to patients but to no avail. Sometimes what they eat is one of the only things the patient can control.  When you are in the hospital or residing in a care facility, snack time can be special and equate with pleasant memories.  That’s why having a snack that is tasty and satisfying that anyone might enjoy is so important. What better way to demonstrate dignity and provide joy than with an appetizing treat.

Why EAT Bar? Because our story and our brand has become about you our customers and your loved ones.  The testimonies you’ve shared as caregivers, and individually as mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, about how EAT snacks taste good and are welcomed by your loved one validates our founding premise -  that one can enjoy life’s little pleasures at any point in life.