Our Story

Here at theEATBar, we love to eat (obviously). So, when our founder Tia Bagan, a speech language pathologist, saw families struggling to find satisfying food options for their loved ones, it hit a nerve.

Instead of food bringing joy, people with eating challenges were often stuck with tasteless options. They deserved better.

That’s when Bagan teamed up with her husband, brother, and sister-in-law to create theEATBar, a delicious treat that brings the joy back to eating.

Designed For

Kids. Adults. Grandmas. Grandpas. Everyone. Eating isn’t just for nutrition. At its best, eating is a celebration that brings us all together. That’s what drives us here at theEATBar.

Every day, many people struggle to get enough calories or find food options that meet their needs. We designed theEATBar’s bold tastes, quick melt, and easy calories to create a fun, shareable snack that delights bodies and minds—and brings people of all ages together.

Our Dream

More joy, more connection, more love. Isn’t that what we all want, really? For us, the simple act of eating—which isn’t always simple—can be an act of great love.

As we innovate to create new offerings and work to bring theEATBar to more families every day, we hope you will join our mission of spreading joy and delight through food.