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Are you a health professional with patients requiring transitional foods?

We’re here to help! Sign up now to receive theSAMPLEKit, our delicious 4-bar collection (Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, Strawberry and Lemon) to share with patients, residents, and clients. Plus, discount code inside. Drop us your info in the form below – be sure to include your facility, address, and title. Get ready to deliver joy!  


Not familiar with transitional foods?

Transitional foods require minimal chewing and can be used to re-teach chewing skills. Pair foods like theEATBar with Level 5 (Minced & Moist), Level 6 (Soft & Bite-Sized), and Level 7 (Regular) diets, as defined by IDDSI ( 


Interested in free dysphagia education? 

Want more info about how patients with eating challenges can benefit from foods like theEATBar? We’ve got you. Contact Let’s chat!


Administrators = We are available on AMAZON and through GORDON FOOD SERVICE.

Pack size is 2 -12 count boxes (24 total bars) 


P.S. Are you frustrated with only having crackers or hard cookies to use for solid food assessment and treatment tools? Look to theEATBar transitional food for your answer.

Evaluations: Are you hesitant to try a solid bolus with some of your patients? Do you want to evaluate how someone will do on consistencies that change with moisture? theEATBar’s satisfying crunch and quick melt function is the perfect portable snack for all your assessment needs. (Transitional foods may be recommended during snack time and treatment as the least restrictive solid food option.)

Therapeutic Treatments: Use theEATBar as a therapeutic treatment tool for those patients who may currently be on a level 4 diet (pureed foods) who are safely moving towards solid foods. Transitional foods help to re-teach chewing skills and improve tongue pressure by breaking down the bolus once the texture has been changed by moisture/saliva or temperature ( Using theEATBar during therapy can improve quality of life and lift spirits during the therapy journey.


Be an innovator and make transitional foods part of your standardized treatments and therapies!

Returns & Refunds

Should you need to return a product, please email our customer service team at and be sure to include your order number. We’ll be in touch! Please note, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Refunds are issued once we receive the product and may take up to two weeks.