Easy to eat and made with love.

A little joy – made with a lot of love. That’s what theEATBar is all about: empowering people to rediscover the pleasure in eating.

theEATBar in the news.

Rekindling the love of food.

theEATBar is a snack designed specifically for people who have difficulty swallowing.

Delicious food comes in all shapes and sizes. At its best, food doesn’t just bring us energy, but joy and memories too. That’s why…. Melt-in-your mouth meringue with flavors that help rekindle the love of food for those who have trouble eating.

Living with dysphagia certainly has its challenges, but it’s still possible to look forward to every meal. Listen to your doctor and therapists, lean on friends and family for support, and remember to seek out delicious transitional foods like theEATBar.

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theEATBar and how it works.

theEATBar is a crispy meringue bar coated in sweet chocolate that melts in your mouth. It’s a delicious, easy-to-swallow treat designed as a fun snack or even a dessert. It comes in four flavors: dark chocolate, vanilla chocolate, strawberry, and lemon.

Created by a speech language pathologist, theEATBar offers children and adults an easy-to-swallow bar that engages taste buds and lifts spirits.


What our customers are saying.

  • "This warms my heart. My mother was affected with dysphagia as a symptom of Lewy Body Dementia. I pray and hope that this product brings extra quality of life to those who experience difficulty swallowing. "


  • "I just placed my 3rd order of EATBars. My son is in oral function, feeding therapy and these are the easiest calories we have ever been able to get in him. It was surprising to find something targeted at our unique situation, so these were an instant buy for us. Thanks!"


  • "These are amazing. I have been having difficulty swallowing for over a month and these are such an amazing treat. I will definitely be ordering them in more flavors. I love that you are thinking about people and their needs and self-care! I am a pharmacist and came across these after ordering a book on dysphagia that referenced your site.   They are delicious!!! Thank you for this innovative option, it truly is such a spirit lifter for people with dysphagia."

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