Eat Together to Enjoy More

Eat Together to Enjoy More

You know when you’re at a restaurant waiting to be served and you find yourself drawn to everyone else’s food? “What’s he having?” you think, sneaking a glance at a stranger’s plate. As people around you start eating, your cravings grow. 

Research shows that when we dine with others, we eat more than when alone. If you’re trying to increase the appetite of someone you care for, a dining companion can help.

Some tips for eating together:

  • Sit across from each other, rather than side by side, to provide visual eating cues.
  • If you can’t dine in person, make an audio recording to play during meals or, better yet, set up a Facetime video call.
  • When visiting a loved one in a nursing or medical facility, share a snack and chat about treats you’ve shared in the past. Consider theEATBar, a delicious, melts-in-your-mouth merengue that’s bringing joy to people of all ages.

Everything tastes better when enjoyed together!