Five Creative Acts of Kindness for Someone Who’s Sick

Five Creative Acts of Kindness for Someone Who’s Sick

Looking to give a little extra care to a loved one who’s sick? Reach out with a creative act of kindness. Some ideas to consider:

  1. Send a Daily Note: Many hospitals have a service that allows you to write your loved one a daily email or have a volunteer hand-deliver a note to the patient’s room. Brighten their day with words of encouragement, a quote, or a silly joke.
  2. Give Personal Services: Originally created to assist disabled individuals with everyday tasks, personal service companies now help people from all walks of life, including loved ones housebound after leaving the hospital. A personal services gift certificate can relieve their stress by handling grocery shopping, running errands, sorting clothes, writing letters, paying bills, and more.
  3. Arrange Special Meals: Reach out to the hospital’s Food Service/Dietary Department and ask if you can purchase a meal gift card for the patient’s family and friends who are staying at the medical center or returning weekly for outpatient services. A hand-delivered meal alongside their loved one saves them from picking up fast food after a long day at the hospital.
  4. Offer Respite: Give the caretaker a much-needed break by offering a couple hours of respite each week. Visit the patient at a time when the caregiver can meet a friend for a meal, go to a movie or concert, or just take a nap. Caregivers often find it difficult to keep up with their own personal needs, so walking their dog a couple times a week or writing thank you notes could be just the kindness they need.
  5. Give Food that Brings Joy: While food gift baskets are a common get-well gift, illness may cause difficulty eating or swallowing. Check with the family or medical staff to see how you can best nourish someone. Find out what food items make sense, especially if the patient is on a restricted diet. Finger foods like theEATBar, an easy-to-swallow snack, might be a great way to lift someone’s spirits.

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