Hello, Fellow Dietitians, I’m obsessed with this product – and so are my patients. Curious?

Hello, Fellow Dietitians, I’m obsessed with this product – and so are my patients. Curious?

For All the Dietitians Out There

We all know that being in a hospital, group home or long-term care facility isn’t easy. That’s why, as dietitians, we work so hard to improve our patients’ quality of life. What if I told you I recently discovered a product that would make your job a little easier – and your patients’ lives a little more joyful?

It’s called theEATBar and it’s a delicious melt-in-your-mouth meringue snack bar developed specifically for individuals with eating and swallowing challenges.

 Why theEATBar?

How many of your patients won’t eat anything, complain of no appetite, struggle to get something down to take medications, or fail to meet daily caloric needs? Maybe you have individuals with dysphagia who can tolerate transitional foods levels 7-5. What about clients on the Memory Care Floor, undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatments, or on hospice care? Believe me, I feel you, as dietitians we are trying our best to minimize weight loss in our buildings – yet it happens – and during state surveys we get the brunt of it.

I’ve found theEATBar to be a game-changer for so many of these individuals. Created by a speech language pathologist, theEATBar has a satisfying crunch unlike anything else available to people with dysphagia. It offers easy calories and melts quickly to help with swallowing. Since I’ve been offering theEATBar to my patients, I’ve seen this treat lift spirits and reconnect people to the delight of eating. For real, check out this testimonial “Where can I get more of these, I am not coughing and they taste so good!”.

 Learn More

Intrigued? The best way to understand theEATBar is to try it. You won’t be disappointed. Please reach out to today for free samples. We are happy to send you a box!

Want to learn even more? Take our CEU course Dysphagia 101, taught by an RD and SLP to review dysphagia and how transitional foods like theEATBar can benefit your patients. In the meantime, check out @theEATBar for more testimonials from others who have discovered theEATBar.


Thanks so much and please reach out with any questions!


Best wishes,

Moushumi Mukherjee MS, RDN