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Snack Ideas for Picky Eaters

Life as a picky eater can often get complicated, especially when you’re trying to find food that you can consistently enjoy. Unfortunately, this challenge is usually made worse due to the unfair stigma that picky eaters have been saddled with over the years. Some people are shamed by friends and family for their eating habits, while others are simply exhausted of always answering the question, “So, what DO you eat?”

Though many people view picky eating as stubborn or rude, the truth is, it shouldn’t matter what you like to eat or not eat! Some picky eaters’ food choices stem from things out of their control, such as eating disorders, diabetes, or severe allergies like celiacs. As for other picky eaters, if the world can adjust to the hundreds of diets, food allergies, and dietary restrictions that we see every day, there’s no reason it can’t adjust to fully accommodate picky eaters as well. 

However, fixing the stigma around picky eating still won’t make finding the food you can eat much more accessible, so that’s where we come in! 

We put together this list of ideas for picky eaters in the hopes that it can provide some inspiration for your next meal or at least help you explore some food options without any social pressure tied to your choice. 

Where To Start

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, we want to clarify that no two picky eaters are the same, so some suggestions might work, and some may not. For many, bitter and sour foods are the biggest issue, while for others, it depends entirely on the texture, smell, or way the food is prepared. We’re not intending this list to solve picky eating for good, but instead, give picky eaters a few ideas on how to figure out the diet that works best for them. 

There are also plenty of resources online and in-person for getting help with an eating challenge! With advice ranging from “school lunch ideas for picky eaters” to “how to overcome picky eating,” the internet can give you hundreds of resources. 

Kid-Friendly Food

As much as we love to find new recipes for picky eaters, today we’re talking about snack time! Most kids love snacks, even kids that are picky about many other foods. Snacks are also a great time to work on introducing new foods or overcoming a particular aversion. 

This is because snacks are generally much smaller in portion size than meals, making it easier to take small bites and not feel guilty for not eating more. Starting small and working up to a particular food can often help picky eaters adjust and accept new foods over time!

In regards to kids, there are a few main food types that tend to do pretty well around snack time: 

  • Simple Veggies - It may not hold true for every picky eater, but raw veggies can be a significant step towards finding more vegetable options in the future! Baby carrots or celery with peanut butter both make for easy, quick, and simple snacks.
  • Chicken Nuggets - Who doesn’t love a good chicken nugget every now and again? Most everyone in the US has had a chicken nugget at least once in their life, and on the whole, they are embraced by a lot of picky eaters. If you’re making homemade nuggets, make sure you can minimize the texture for a better chance at success.

Bonus Tip: Chicken nuggets can help picky eaters find other chicken-based dishes that they enjoy.

Family-Friendly Food

Finding food for picky eaters can be even harder when you’re shopping for a whole family. You don’t want to shame or embarrass someone for their eating choices, but you also need to make sure you’re getting food that everyone will eat. Finding some common ground between everyone will make coming up with snack and dinner ideas ten times easier. 

Here are a few snack ideas that are easily adaptable for the whole family! Most of these foods are hits with picky eaters, with additional options for your family to add on if they want. 

  • Trail Mix - Trail mix is a great, variable snack that can take almost any form. For the best results, have the picky eater in the family design their own mix of foods to include. Once you make the “base” trail mix, you can add extra ingredients in a separate container if you want. 
  • Grilled Cheese - Though this can also make its way into lunch boxes as a meal, a grilled cheese can work for a snack! Grilled cheese sandwiches are simple and easy to make and can often be comfort food, which can come in handy when you’re hungry in a pinch.

Bonus Tip: Every picky eater will have specific comfort food and textures, so if they like mac and cheese and tomato sauce, start there and slowly try to expand off of their tastes! You can also experiment with different healthy snacks for picky eaters by finding organic versions of their favorite foods.

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The EATBar

Finding food for people with eating challenges can be difficult, and often, the options that end up working can still be pretty bland. With this knowledge in mind, the EATBar was born as a delicious, simple snack option for all. 

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