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The Importance of EATing Together

Eating together is a habit that everyone should enjoy. We know it’s easier and more convenient to eat while finishing up some work, running out of the door, or watching Netflix in bed. 

But eating a meal with a spouse, child, cousin, etc. has priceless benefits. Sure, you get to spend time with good company and feel better, but it goes deeper than that. 

By sharing a meal with someone, you are giving them important health and social skills. Whether you are taking care of a loved one with eating challenges or wrangling your family to the dinner table, in the end, they will develop positive habits at the eating table. 

Benefits of Eating with Someone

Food has always had the ability to bring people together. Whether it's the smell, taste, or appearance, you can count on food to help get everyone at the dinner table.

Let’s dive into just a couple ways eating with company can level up your evening!

1. A Feeling of Security

Eating together helps your loved ones feel a sense of company and support. Research shows that children or adults that eat alone are more likely to suffer psychological and physical health concerns. An effortless way to avoid this is by making family dinners a regular occurrence.

Even if you already ate, sit with your family member at the table while they’re eating. This gives them a sense of safeness and love. In turn, they will feel more comfortable and enjoy more than just the food!

2. Find a Healthy Balance

One of the most important parts of a person’s life is their eating habits. Two main factors that can affect their diet are what they’re eating, and how much they will consume. This is your chance to instill healthy behaviors into your loved one.

By trying to find a balance between what to eat from each food group, you can get your family member more accustomed to healthy eating. Then, they will be on a better path! 

Not only will your loved one be getting the essential nutrients from fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains, but they’ll also get the chance to add sweet desserts to their diet. 

For those who have difficulty eating, we are happy to see you eat anything! At theEATBar, we don’t shy away from treating ourselves. We provide a wide variety of delectable flavors that literally melt in your mouth. Our EATBars are the perfect snack for those who have trouble eating — giving them an easy to swallow treat that actually tastes good. 

3. Focus On Each Other

When a family is eating together, they usually take the time to talk, catch-up and unwind. With busy lives, it can be easy to overlook how little quality time we have with loved ones. Instilling a regular family dinner can help you bond with one another. 

When at the dinner table, try to maintain a positive conversation. Ask them about their day and how they’ve been feeling. Also, try getting to know their interests and hobbies.The more you ask about them, the more your loved one would see that you’re interested in who they are and what they have to say. 

A brighter chat can lead to your family member enjoying their meal. As a result, they have a happy memory that influences them to eat with you more and follow the eating patterns you’ve instilled. 

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4. Less Time With Electronics

Even though T.V., computers, and video games are not bad things; in today’s digital age it is easy to become addicted. Online classes have already driven their time on the computer to large amounts. So, wouldn’t it be better if they spent at least 30 minutes away from electronics? 

Don’t shift the focus of breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the channel you’re watching on T.V. or what someone is talking about on YouTube. The great benefits of family meals are the food and interactions you have with your loved one. If your family member objects, tell them their electronics will be there after they’re finished eating. 

5. Better Self-Esteem

During these moments at the dining table, you have the chance to talk to your child, parent or loved one about what’s been on their mind. Whether it’s trouble at school or regular day to day stress, this quality time can give them a chance to vent! 

By taking the time to try and understand their situation, you can help them solve the issue that’s troubling them. Not only will your loved one be more open to trust and talk with you, but they will also look at family meals as a safe and assuring place. 

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Enjoy EATing Together

Now that you have more information on why eating together with loved ones is so important, you have the ability to change their life for the better. Plus, while you are sitting across the dinner table from your loved one, you are reaping all the benefits as well. Everything tastes better when enjoyed together!