Why theEATBar Exists

Why theEATBar Exists

Why a snack? Why a treat? Why theEATBar?

These are the questions I explored in my product development research for theEATBar. My goal: to address the problem of how to get someone to eat—and do it in a way that provides joy. During my years as a speech pathologist, I had seen hundreds of patients and caretakers struggle with eating challenges and I wanted to empower them.

Why a snack? My patients frequently found themselves wanting something quick and satisfying to munch between appointments, treatments, and meals, but many traditional snacks required too much chewing or spoon-feeding by a caregiver. Family members would become overwhelmed as I explained how to consistently blend or stir their loved one’s food. Instead of another item on their to-do list, they needed something simple.   

Why a treat? Multiple times a day I would walk into a patient’s room and see an entire tray of food virtually untouched. Distraught caregivers would desperately try to offer various foods to patients to no avail. As a patient, what you eat is sometimes the only thing you can control. Offering a treat that not only provides calories, but that anyone would find delicious can transform snack time from a battle into a pleasant shared experience for someone in a hospital or care facility.

Why theEATBar? Since we launched in 2016, our story and brand has evolved to best meet the needs of you and your loved ones. The thoughtful testimonies you’ve shared as caregivers, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters have validated our founding premise that everyone can enjoy life’s little pleasures. As we listen to what you love about theEATBar and how your loved ones welcome it, we continue to improve upon our delicious, easy-to-swallow treat—and lift spirits even higher.