Smoothies are a creamy soft food to eat after oral surgery

8 Soft Foods To Eat After Oral Surgery

Whether you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed, finally gotten your braces off, or recently undergone a root canal, here’s a key point to understand when recovering from oral surgery —  the hard part is over. 

Now, the fun can begin.

To help the surgery’s positive effects work their magic, it’s important to give your body fuel. After all, your cells need all the help and energy they can get to repair themselves and become good as new.

So how should you fuel up during this time? That’s easy. Surround yourself with delicious food. Look for foods that are easy on the mouth and require limited chewing for a speedy, effortless healing period.

We’ve compiled eight of our favorite soft foods to eat after oral surgery perfectly tailored to give you the smoothest recovery experience possible.

Medical Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician. Always seek the medical advice of your physician and/or oral surgeon for your specific dietary needs.

8 Soft Foods To Eat After Oral Surgery

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes aren’t simply a Thanksgiving staple, they’re a key component of a soft food diet after oral surgery. 

These creamy potatoes’ signature mouthwatering flavors are only matched by the ease with which they’re made. Whether you buy a frozen bag from the grocery store or whip up a homemade recipe in the kitchen, mashed potatoes are delightfully simple.

Best when enriched with creamy butter, chopped chives, and handfuls of mellow garlic, mashed potatoes deliver decadent flavor in a soft consistency tailor-made for those recovering from oral surgery.

Blended Soups

Blended soups are often the go-to choice when it comes to recovering from oral surgery and for good reason. 

Without chunky bits to irritate the wound area, these soups are perfect when served around room temperature to deliver all the energy you need without any worry.

Not only can these soups deliver delicious starches and vegetables in an easy-to-eat experience, but they can also keep you hydrated. Continuously taking in fluids is just as crucial as keeping your body fed when it comes to making your recovery experience as comfortable as possible.

Smoothies are a great soft food for oral surgery recovery


All your favorite fruits concentrated in a cup. Need we say more?

Smoothies are an exquisite, effortless way to squeeze all of your vitamins, nutrients, and sweet flavors into a single sip.

Chopped bananas? Perfect. Sliced papaya? Pop ‘em in. A splash of OJ? Of course! 

While you’re at it, scoop a dollop of creamy Greek yogurt or rich peanut butter into your smoothie for an easy boost of extra protein.

Just remember to avoid fruits that are heavily seeded like strawberries or blackberries. Those seeds can potentially irritate the areas of your mouth recovering from surgery and ruin a perfect sipping experience.


Fluffy and radiant when scrambled. Soft and crumbly when hard-boiled. Eggs come in dozens of different forms and each one is better than the last. 

No matter your favorite style, eggs are always delicious while delivering gobs of protein and healthy vitamins.

Egg salad tastes amazing when spread over a toasted everything bagel, but it tastes just as good eaten by the spoonful or shared among creamy avocado.

Cottage cheese is a soft food for oral surgery recovery

Cottage Cheese

We’ll be the first to admit that cottage cheese can be controversial. Some love the stuff and devour tub after tub while others sour just at the sight of it. 

Maybe you tried a spoonful when you were young and have sworn off the substance ever since. Well, this is your chance to give this protein-packed snack another shot. 

Packed with healthy fats and a heaping pile of protein, cottage cheese is a scrumptious snack and one of the best soft foods to eat after dental surgery.

Coming in skim, low-fat, and full-fat varieties, cottage cheese can certainly be an acquired taste. But don’t let that stop you from trying this scrumptious snack. Once you discover what makes cottage cheese so irresistible, the only problem you’ll have is knowing when to stop.

Apple Sauce

It was probably your favorite snack when you were in diapers, but maybe you’ve drifted from apple sauce in recent years. Well, now is a great opportunity to become re-acquainted with this soft-consistency snack.

Sweet and simple, apple sauce is easily one of the best soft foods for after oral surgery. 

A melt-in-your-mouth center makes theEATBar a great option for oral surgery recovery


Specifically designed for those with eating troubles, theEATBar is the perfect snack to keep your love for eating alive even while recovering from oral surgery.

This scrumptious bar comes in four mouthwatering flavors from creamy dark chocolate to succulent strawberry. If you can’t decide which one’s your favorite, don’t sweat it. Look for our assorted variety pack so you can sample each one. 

Still can’t decide? Neither can we!

When recovering from oral surgery, theEATBar works great alongside a nutritional supplement like Ensure. This helps you capture all the calories and nutrients you need while still delivering the signature sweetness that comes with every EATBar.

Milk-Soaked Cookies

How to deliver all the chocolatey goodness of a crispy cookie without the crunch? Soak it in milk.

Whether you’re privy to a traditional chocolate chip or a dunkable Oreo, soaking in milk is a great way to make this sweet snack sumptuously soft and perfect for recovering from oral surgery.

theEATBar is a great soft food for oral surgery recovery

Recover From Oral Surgery With Soft Foods

Preparing for oral surgery can be stressful. Not many of us look forward to the next dentist visit. That fear often elevates when it comes to oral surgery. 

Fortunately, once your procedure is over, the healing process can begin. This period will only become easier if you surround yourself with delicious soft foods that you love.

Whether you have a penchant for salty soups, creamy mashed potatoes, or sweet treats, there’s always a soft food on offer to make your next meal a truly memorable one.

If you’re looking to transform an ordinary snacking session into a sweet treat, try anEATBar. With a delicious center designed to melt and become soft in your mouth, this meringue bar is the perfect option for those with eating troubles of any kind, including those recovering from oral surgery.

Coming in four flavors ranging from rich dark chocolate to delightfully tart lemon, theEATBar has a flavor for everybody. Even when your energy is low and nothing looks appetizing, theEATBar is there to remind you that eating can always be an enjoyable experience no matter what point you’re at in the healing process.

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