How diet changes for cancer patients

How Diet Changes for Cancer Patients

Let's explore how a cancer diagnosis affects your dietary needs and which foods you should add to your shopping list to help your body heal, rest, and fight.
Softer foods are featured in the International Dysphagia Diet (IDDSI)

Breaking Down the IDDSI Diet Levels

Let’s learn all about the International Dysphagia Diet and brainstorm some delicious dishes that can be found at every consistency level of the IDDSI.
Activities for Alzheimer's patients

3 Activities For Alzheimer’s Patients

Let’s learn all about the best activities for our loved ones living with Alzheimer’s disease to provide them with the sense of meaning and purpose they deserve.
Smoothies are a creamy soft food to eat after oral surgery

8 Soft Foods To Eat After Oral Surgery

How should you fuel up after oral surgery? With delicious food! Here are eight scrumptious soft foods designed to give you a smooth post-op recovery experience.
theEATBar makes a great gift for hospital patients

9 Gifts That Hospital Patients Will Actually Use

Gift-giving is tough and only becomes harder when a loved one is in the hospital. Here are nine gift suggestions to keep your loved one comfy during their stay.
How to increase your appetite

How To Increase Your Appetite

While many factors could lead to appetite loss, we still need to give our bodies energy. Here are some top tricks to help you fall back in love with eating.
How to cope with a long hospital stay

Tips for Coping with Long Hospital Stays

It can be stressful to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. So, we've compiled four top tips to help make your experience a bit more relaxing.
woman in wheelchair

Top 6 Myths About Hospice Care

There's negative stigma around hospice care, but this gossip isn't based in truth! Let's cover some myths around hospice and discover what hospice really is.
10 Ways to Make the Most of Hospital Visits

10 Ways to Make the Most of Hospital Visits

We might not love trips to the hospital, but a short, meaningful visit can provide just the boost that a loved one needs to help restore themselves to health.