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Why We Created theEATBar

When our founder Tia Bagan, a speech-language pathologist, saw families struggling to find satisfying food options for their loved ones, she was struck by an idea. 

People with eating challenges are often stuck with tasteless, bland food options, and they deserve better!

That original idea was what led Bagan (along with some of her closest family) to create theEATBar, a delicious treat that brings the joy back to eating. Crafted from melt-in-your-mouth meringue across several delicious flavors, this snack bar is leading the charge for accessible food, and it might just help you too!

Creating theEATBar was just the first step to bringing the joy back to eating. As we grow, we discover more and more people in need of a simple and easy treat, and we’re happy to help.

Our Purpose

Have you ever felt the strange feeling of completely losing your appetite? Unfortunately for some people, that feeling is more common than you might realize. We designed theEATbar specifically for these people who struggle with day-to-day eating more than the average eater!  In a sense, our purpose is to bring more joy, more connection, and more love to all food lovers.   

We know how many individuals and families struggle to find satisfying food options, particularly in the snack department. Many people try to enjoy traditional snacks only to be fatigued by excessive chewing or spoon-feeding. We needed something different, something that was easy, tasty, and filling, because when you can enjoy your food, the rest of the world comes just a little bit easier. 

From older adults and those who have trouble swallowing to people with various other health problems, theEATbar is on a mission to help.

Supporting Togetherness

In addition to its original purpose as a treat for people with eating challenges, theEATBar was made to bring us all together.

Often, caregivers, parents, and children are spending less time eating together than they spend on finding and making food that works for them! Though it might not seem like a big deal, eating together is one of the best ways to connect with your loved ones, so bringing people back together over an easy snack seemed like a great solution. Now, instead of yet another item on a caregiver’s to-do list, theEATBar is an enjoyable and straightforward snack that lets people spend their time together.   

Giving People What They Deserve

A quick search on Google may give you a list of soft and pureed foods to help with swallowing difficulties, but they’re kind of… meh.

Disclaimer: Remember to always speak to your healthcare provider about appropriate foods and consistencies. 

Oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and yogurts are all acceptable foods, but they’re definitely not the celebration we’re talking about. Eating is supposed to be joyous, even if you’re on a soft food diet.

theEATBar is a crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth meringue bursting with flavor; it's a sensory experience you will actually celebrate.

We designed theEATBar’s bold tastes, quick melt, and easy calories to bring a fun and shareable snack into people's lives. 

The simple act of eating—which isn’t always simple—can be an act of great love.

Our meringue bar flavors are much more exciting than pureed vegetables. There's a flavor for everyone with Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, Strawberry, and Lemon. If your family’s looking to enjoy together, which we highly encourage, consider getting them all

Share the joy of eating together again! 

Little Treat. Big Taste. All the joy.

For all the reasons behind us creating theEATBar, we can really boil them down into three main ones:

#1. Little Treat

Too much time is being spent on chewing, worrying, and preparing foods. It was time for a quick and satisfying snack to be made available. theEATBar may be little, but it’s having a significant impact on people’s lives.

#2. Big Taste

With an overwhelming amount of underwhelming foods, we knew we needed big flavors that brought the fun back into eating. Easy food doesn’t have to be tasteless; in fact, it should be the complete opposite!

This brings us to our third reason,

#3. All the joy

Eating according to your dietary or physical needs is one thing, but eating without joy is something we can’t accept. theEATBar was made to make eating satisfying, exciting, and joyous again.

Food Should Be A Celebration

We created theEATBar because we needed theEATBar. People need to eat and do it in a way that provides them with joy.

Instead of eating a bowl of boring ol’ pureed vegetables, food should be a celebration. theEATBar is a scrumptious treat created to bring more joy to your mouth and life. Why would we settle for anything less?

To learn more about the lives we’re impacting today, check out our other blog posts and what others are saying about theEATBar.